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A choice of commodities where we have developed a strong supplier base.

Our supplier base


Aluminium and plastic Windows

We have solid amount of suppliers for aluminium windows and doors. Aluminium windows are getting more popular year after year because of the durability and their long life cycle. Aluminum windows can be used for public, commercial and industrial buildings,but also for private houses.

We also have a good number of plastic window and balcony door suppliers. These products are targeted for private residences and detached houses. Plastic window produces offer wide range of window types and even passive house windows with extremely good  U-factor ratings.

All our window suppliers have been audited and certified. It is also possible to order electric and pneumatic window openers together with windows.


terrace and border glasses

Great selection of different glass producers for various applications, such as staircase/terrace border glasses, window glasses and different glass related products. We can also offer technical support and help with product drawings/specifications. Also installation components and parts are available together with glasses.

Metal raw material

Steel suppliers from Ukraine, Belarus and Poland + other metal suppliers also from Eastern-European region. We have possibility to offer pipes, profile, billet, plates and wire material. All the most common metals are available. We also can set up subcontracting supply chain for cutting, machining, etc. Just let us know what you need and we shall find a best possible solution.

WooD-aluminium Windows and balcony doors

Wood-Aluminum windows are most common window type used in private and detached house projects in Scandinavia. They have good quality and price ratio and are very functional and heat-proof in northern climate. Most of our wood-aluminium window producers are from Baltic countries. Some suppliers can offer extreme large sliding balcony doors with height up to 2.4 m and width up to 5 m. Most of the window producers also offer internal and external wooden doors.

Supply Cafe can help you with technical drawings for windows and we can also offer window opening systems (electric and pneumatic) on request. We have also selection of certified window installation providers who can make installations around Scandinavian countries. Contact us for more information!


Larch timber products

Larch timber products are often required for terraces, facades, fences and roofs. Our audited suppliers offer top quality terrace boards, weatherboards and also exclusive roof boards for Scandinavian market. It is also possible to purchase sawn and planed square edge larch timber. It is also possible to order client specific profiles and cladding according to customer`s drawings.

welded steel components and welding subcontracting

Very large supplier group with supplier all over the Eastern-Europe region. We can meet the most difficult challenges and find the needed supplier for most complicated assemblies. We have also companies who can provide technical welding support, audit welding process and provide supervison services. 

Cross-laminated timber house elements

Cross-Laminated Timber (shortly CLT) is unique and strong material suitable for house building. We have a good selection of CLT manufacturers in Northern- and Central-Euorpe. Our specialist can help you to create suitable house project for CLT elements and support your project with our drawing and design specialist. We have our own designers who can create CLT house projects and do techical calculations. 

CLT is characterized by high strength, stability and extreme static load capabilities.All components are manufactured by state-of-the-art CNC equipment based on CAD data and using digital surveillance of the whole production process from design until the final execution of the building. Supply Cafe has wide selection of pre-fabricated house element producers who can supply finished house elements directly to the installation site.


Construction materials

Supply Cafe can help your company with different kind of building  material deliveries. We have a possibility to assemble construction and building material sets according to each project needs. Sets can be delivered to destination point in a the cost effective way and in perfect order to avoid any delays in constroction site.

CNC machined and milled steel details and components

Large number of suppliers from all over the Europe. This supplier group is growing fast and our specialists are adding new suppliers to our database each week. Certainly one of our biggest supplier groups in the database that can help your business to achieve cost savings and increase profitability in your supply chain. Sourcing has never been easier!