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Supply Cafe

Sourcing and Supply Chain Management Services in Scandinavia


Supply chain services for construction and industrial customers since 2011

Supply Cafe Ltd. offers premium supply services all around Scandinavia and does supplier sourcing in Europe and Asia. Our firm specializes in all industrial and constructional commodities, from the raw material supplies to the complex high-tech products. Whether you’re a real estate developer, owner of construction company, private customer, or you belong in manufacturing industry, we will not only help you to find needed products, but we’ll also help you to increase the profit through cost savings. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every project and customize our service to your individual needs and requirements.

Our supply chain specialist have been working is SCM area for over a decade and have exceptional knowledge and hands-on experience. We’re flexible and dynamic company which as large business network and we are not afraid of challenges. 

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